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 LA Premier FC has all of the tools to help our athletes engage with their preferred colleges.

The College Fit Finder was a tool originally developed by Elite Scouting Network, a leading college recruitment firm, to give their players and families a better way to research schools and be more organized in the process. ESN was simply looking to improve their service offering and increase their placement standing… but they didn’t realize that they were on course to help revolutionize college recruiting by creating a “do-it-yourself” application unlike any other on the market.

A typical student-athlete beginning the recruitment process has a very vague and unclear picture of what they are looking for in a college experience. They tend to have very few concrete preferences and usually get caught up in the “Name Game” of where they want to go. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to play for UCLA, USC, Oregon, Alabama, LSU, or any of the other schools that any teenager can roll off their tongue with ease. Even if have the ability to play for a program of that level, how do they know that those colleges meet any of the criteria you need in a school

Student-athletes must quickly be separated from this way of thinking and research schools that are actually a good fit for them and their future. If UCLA, USC, Oregon, Alabama, or LSU do not have their major… THEN THEY SHOULD NOT CONSIDER THOSE SCHOOLS!!! Unfortunately, too many players pick their school because they have heard of it and figure out their futures later. Shouldn’t the thought process be reversed? Shouldn’t your needs, preferences, and non-negotiables actually be included in your decision? Unfortunately, high school athletes “don’t know what they don’t know”.

Elite Scouting Network dissected the recruiting process of student-athlete and designed a comprehensive “do-it-yourself” tool to combat the issues faced during this difficult and daunting time. A player can now research schools, find appropriate matches, save favorites, track and organize communication with college coaches, and get assistance in logically selecting a school that matches their needs.

Frankly, no high school student-athlete serious about getting to the next level should be without the College Fit Finder.

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