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Female Athlete Focus (F.A.F) - ACL Prevent Training

  The health and welfare of our female athletes at LA Premier FC is a high priority of our Directors. Ensuring players are trained correctly to reduce the risk of injury is a major concern of coaches across the country. We are committed to offering our female athletes the opportunity to seek professional training in ACL prevention.


“Female Athlete Focus” (FAF) - ACL Prevent Training

The FAF training programs offer intense sports specific strength and conditioning programs designed specifically for our female athletes. What sets our “FAF” Training Programs apart from many other training programs is our program’s concentration on the knee complex. The FAF Training Programs implement an intense circuit training design that is geared toward improving knee stability all while maintaining a strong focus on all strength and conditioning components of the team’s sport.

Each session is 60 minutes. Each session will include the following

Focus Points 

1.     Balance Training

2.     Core Strengthening

3.     Quadriceps vs Hamstring Focus

4.     Speed, Agility, Quickness: Change of Direction Focus

5.     Muscle/Joint Mobility Techniques

6.     Teaching Dynamic Warm Up

7.     Nutrition/Hydration Emphasis 










Dr. Kevin Mercado will be conducting ACL prevention programs throughout the year. Families can sign up on an individual basis.






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