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Save $1000 off your trip cost!

Save $1000 per person by selling Raffle Tickets:


All Expenses Paid Trip

FC Barcelona v Real Madrid 22 April 2012

How this works?

Upon receipt of the booking form and deposit AMsportstours will send LA Premier FC 20 raffle tickets per person.

The prize is:

  • 2 x International Round-trip airfare from the prize winners closest airport to Barcelona
  • 4 nights in a 4-star hotel in Barcelona with buffet breakfast www.hotelalimara.com
  • 500euros spending money
  • 2 tickets for FC Barcelona v. Real Madrid in the Nou Camp Stadium.

AMsportstours does not charge the club or the individual for this prize and donates the prize to allow every traveller the opportunity of raising $1000 to offset the cost of their trip. The tickets are priced at $50.



The simple steps to raising $1000 per person...



1. Book your trip with AMsportstours and pay your deposit

2. Within 10 days of receiving your deposit and booking form AMsportstours will send the club 20 tickets per traveller eg. a group of 40 (players, parents, coaches) would get 800 tickets.

3. Each individual is then given 20 tickets by the Club

4. The individual tries to sell the tickets, remember the prize is for 2 people so friends can spend $25 each on these, they are a great Christmas present too!!!

5. On February 10th the individual hands in all money raised and any unsold tickets to the club.

6. The individual does not keep the money. They must give this to the Club and this is then discounted

from their final balance. Each person is credited the amount that they have sold.

7. By February 24th all ticket stubs and unsold tickets MUST be mailed to AMsportstours. All cash must be given to the Club.

8. Draw is made on Saturday March 17th, 8pm UK time live on the internet & the winner is announced.

9. The Club uses the money raised to reduce the price of the trip for the group without having to buy the

prize – donated by AMsportstours!

10. The winner enjoys a trip of a lifetime and the highlights of the trip are streamed online with an

interview with the winner.

Please be aware different countries have different raffle and gambling laws and it is the responsibility of the Club and individual to comply with these. AMsportstours is donating the prize to try and make international soccer experiences more affordable for young players. We also run a soccer club and know how hard fundraising is but just how life changing the tours can be. We had three players recruited by FC Barcelona during a tour to Spain and the boys would never have had the opportunity to go had it not been for fundraising. We are delighted to extend this to every AMsportstours customer. Below from left one of AMsoccer Club’s young stars trains with FC Barcelona, the media runs stories about the remarkable achievement of the young players on tour and our customers enjoy front row seats at FC Barcelona’s Stadium!


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