(01/14/17) - 2003 and 2004 Single Age Groups

New age matrix released by US Soccer

Below is the information we recieved on 1/13/2017 direct from US Soccer.

Academy Directors and Club Leaders:

First off, thank you for your feedback. Since meeting in Chicago last month, your input has been instrumental in determining the next steps and planning future Academy programming. Specifically, your interest in adding additional age groups for the launch of the Girls’ Academy is aligned with the Academy philosophy for creating a clear player pathway.

With an eye towards an improved everyday environment where players can continue to grow, the U.S. Soccer Girls’ Development Academy plans to split the U-14/15 age group into two single-aged teams at U-14 (2004) and U-15 (2003) for its inaugural season in 2017/18. The strategic initiative to increase the player pool at the younger Academy ages, is part of a long-term goal of expanding to single age groups in order to further develop female players.

At the Girls’ Academy launch in Chicago on December 15th, the Academy sought feedback, input and questions in small-group settings from club presidents and Academy Directors. This plan to expand the base of the Academy structure addresses the topic most frequently discussed from the clubs.

The Academy is aware that clubs may have questions surrounding the plan for expansion. Therefore, a webinar is scheduled on Thursday, January 19th at 1:00 pm CT for all Girls’ Academy Clubs. Topics such as Academy structure, travel, events, roster management, and budgets will be discussed.

Please feel free to share this email with your club community as you plan for the year ahead. We look forward to next the webinar and to continue working with each of you and your club.


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