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2018/19 Girls DA Events

LA Premier FC is proud to be a member of the US Soccer Girls Development Academy. 

Over the next couple of months we will be evaluating our current players and players expressing an interest in trying out for #TheLAAcademy. These are designed for Current NON-DA Players (If your child is currently playing with another DA team you will need written permission from that club to attend):


MAY 4, MAY 18 and JUNE 1, 2018

Location: Pasadena High School Turf Field

2006-2004 Age Groups: 6:00-7:30pm

2003-2000 Age Groups: 7:30-9:00pm



It's important for us to hear from you and to create an interest list so that when we have more information we can have a targeted audience to deliver that to.

We appreciate your interest and ask for you to provide some simple details about your child at this stage so we can compile our interest lists and continue our player identification and evaluation process.


For more information on our process you can contact:

2006 - Nick Gumpert -

2005 - Paul Hennessey -

2004 - Dido Tshimanga -

2002/03 - Nick Gumpert -

2000/01 - Barry Ritson -



Where do YOU Fit in?

The Landscape Has CHANGED...

A simple approach to the Theory of Evaluation of Potential Academy Players at LA Premier FC

We understand that the inception of the US Soccer Development Academy for Girls has given parents more options and opportunities to choose for their aspiring Elite Soccer Player.

Through conversations with our Directors and Academy Staff we have attempted to share our thought process on how we are evaluating requests for "Tryouts" and "Identification Sessions" by giving you a glimpse of our theory of player identification.

No model is perfect, no guideline without an excpetion, this is to be taken as a broad take on the Player Profile of an aspiring Academy Player at LA Premier.



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