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Concussion Baseline Test Hosted by LAPFC at CATZ

Required for all Players for Season 2017/18

As the science of evaluating and managing concussions has advanced, key findings emphasize the need for education of players, their families, coaches, medical staffs and the public at large on the signs and symptoms to concussion.

There is also a critical need for early identification and proper management of a concussion.

LA Premier and our partner CATZ are being pro-active in affording resources to families in our organization.

Effective for the 2017/18 Season, all players playing at LA Premier are required to have a concussion baseline test conducted. This will enable a direct comparison should a player receive allow to the head at any time.

Parents can elect to have this test conducted at any location and medical institution they desire as long as they are certified.

In our research these tests can run in the hundreds of dollars. We have agreed a fee payable direct to CATZ of $50 per player. This will include a comprehensive exam plus a resource to use should a player be suspected of having a concussion.

We have scheduled specific 1 hour time slot for parents to confirm their appointment.

All sessions will be hosted at CATZ - 801 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA.

All tests will be conducted by medical professionals.


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